January 29, 2014

A Delightful Redirection

I think there need be no explanations of why I've been absent from my blog for well over two months now. It can be summed up in one word: LIFE.

The beginning of 2014 seems ages ago now, but I still find myself in the "New Year" state of mind. I can tell you that the start of this new year in particular feels especially significant for me because I feel that I am such a different person now, at the beginning of 2014, than I was at the beginning of 2013. Of course the largest part of that change comes from becoming a Mom. I think that for me, there is no single life event that has transformed me as much as bringing a little one into this world. {As it well should!} Maybe it's also that Matt and I became first-time homeowners, or that I got a fabulous new job, or that I turned 30. Lots of big things happened last year.

I also know that I gained an enormous amount of perspective--life-perspective, if you will, during 2013. Through trials, tests, intense prayer, heaps of faith, dreams, and soul-searching, I feel I've arrived at a place where I see my life through a lens that is helping me to stay focused, eliminate distractions, and enjoy life in a way I never have before.

With all of this introspection, I've thought a lot about my blog; mainly being--why do I blog?

This blog started out as a way to put my thoughts "out there." I thoroughly enjoy writing and I always have. It's an outlet for me. And though I put my deepest, most intimate thoughts into journals, I enjoy emptying my mind into this little space here. In a way, it feels like an artistic outlet for me.

The readers of my blog are mostly family and friends--those who know me personally. I'll get the occasional visitors from google searches or a few recipes I've shared that are floating around Pinterest. But I've never had the intention of gaining a large readership. Sure, that would be flattering, but I honestly like the more intimate feeling my blog has. I feel I can be more myself with what I post here when I know not much of the outside world is reading.

I've even asked myself if I would still blog if not one single person read my posts. I can honestly say that yes, I would. There's something refreshing about hitting the "publish" button and sending a little piece of yourself to get intertwined with the mass of the world wide web.

These past many weeks, I've had so many blog post ideas floating about in my mind and I wanted so badly to stop and write. But between my job, being a mom, the holidays, and all of life's other responsibilities, I found myself constantly making the choice between sitting down to blog, or going to bed. Sleep will always, always win out in my book. At this point in my life, I can't function well, let alone be a good wife or mother if I don't get adequate sleep.

I've had to ask myself if I think maintaining this blog is really worth it for me. Again, I have answered yes. I truly need this creative outlet. It's a healthy way I can have a little "Deanne" time. And now I feel I've reached a point where I am blogging for myself and not for others. That's why I'll no longer link my newest posts to Facebook.

There's so much I want and need to do with "Delighted." It needs updating and editing, re-organization...just some all-around TLC. As of late, I've primarily been blogging solely about our family life and what we're up to these days. There will still be plenty of that here, but I want to blog about lots of other things: more recipes, my faith journey, life lessons, general thoughts running through my head, and lots of snippets of past travel adventures.

I have recently finished up with my half-a-year term of work, which means I'll not be working again until August. And that of course means I will have a whole lot more time to blog in the coming months.

So for those very few of you who have even bothered to hang around here these past few months--thank you. I'll be seeing you again very soon.

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