October 3, 2013

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I am quite sure that every US citizen is aware of our current government shutdown. {Don't worry, I'm not about to go on a political rant here}.

If you didn't think you knew anyone whose job was one of those affected, well, now you do! Matt works for the goverment and his office closed on Tuesday. This, of course, means he's not getting paid. And though some government employees will get retroactive pay when Washington is up and running again, not everyone will, and we anticipate that Matt will not be one of them.

We are trying to stay positive over here!

Some ways we are making lemonade:
1. Yesterday was Matt's birthday, and he didn't have to work.
2. Lots of good family time and Makenna getting some extra Daddy-Daughter time!
3. Getting some projects done around the house.
4. Matt is getting to kick up his feet a bit and he's been enjoying playing Xbox, which he doesn't do much anymore. {Trust me when I say Matt deserves this...he works so very hard to provide for our family and I appreciate his work ethic to no end.}

We were going over finances today...not going to lie--this has been a big financial year for us, and not always in the best way. However, we are still very blessed to have emergency savings for situations such as this.

I was feeling so blessed despite our current situation that I decided to write to the Dave Ramsey website to share a bit of our story, and low and behold, they published it right away! Look for the story titled "Peace in the Midst of a Stormy Financial Year."

Check it out here:

I will urge any and all of you once again to implement the life money-principles Dave Ramsey teaches. It's hard spending and saving so very deliberately, but I promise it is all worth it.

Matt and I have a pretty unique story in regards to how we were able to eliminate our debt. You can ready plenty of other testimonies to see how other people have become debt-free.

We heart Dave Ramsey!

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