February 12, 2014

First Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated our baby girl's first birthday! I have to admit I've been kind of giddy over this whole event--never so excited to celebrate a birthday as this.

We have deemed this whole week "Birthday Week", beginning with Makenna's party last Saturday, to a little cozy family celebration yesterday on her actual birthday, ending next Saturday with another party at my sister's home in Indiana where we will have a triple birthday bash to celebrate Makenna's first birthday along with the first birthday of her two cousins Noah and Jake. Endless fun!

I can tell you because of this little sweetheart, our lives have never been filled with more love, joy, laughter, and snuggles than this past year.

When I was pregnant, I tried to imagine what our baby girl would be like. What I couldn't know then is how much she would change me, in all the best ways possible, and fill my heart with love like I've never known.

A question I had to answer for one of my baby showers was, "What are you most excited about in becoming a mother?" I answered that I simply couldn't wait to meet our little one, discover who she is and what her personality would be like.

Well I can easily tell you that Makenna has plenty of personality and I love all of it--even the sass she's starting to show at times! {Though that doesn't mean I'll put up with it!}

Here's a little bit about who Makenna is at this moment in time:

~She loves to dance and starts bouncing and stomping her foot when she hears music
~She adores books! She loves when we read to her but will also sit and look at books on her own for long periods of time. She also always identifies her favorite book on the bookshelf by the spine and pulls it out to look at it
~She loves feeding herself and I am so excited about the variety of foods she'll eat
~During bath time, Makenna is relentless in trying to drink the bath water. She'll use her toys as cups, she'll drink the water flowing from the spout, and she'll even lower her face to the water's surface to take a sip {and we do give her plenty of water to drink outside of bath time!}
~She's still a fabulous sleeper: 11-12 hours at night and two naps during the day. What a blessing!
~No words outside of "Mama" and "Dada", though she babbles constantly. When excited she shrieks, screams, and loves when we clap for her and say, "Yay!!"
~She signs for "more" at meals
~Though not officially walking, she stands alone all the time and has taken several steps on her own. To be honest, I'm in no rush!
~She loves being tickled and chased
~Makenna has yet to meet a stranger she doesn't like. I've never seen her not offer a smile to anyone who has spoken to her. I especially adore this part of her personality--she seems to get such a kick out of charming strangers
~She weighed in at her twelve month wellness checkup at 19 pounds exactly and she's 29 inches tall {at birth: 6 lbs. 2 oz. and 19.5 inches, for a reminder of how far she's come!}

Her actual birthday was relatively quiet but still special.


Birthday breakfast smiley face

The month-by-month wall from the party

Getting into anything and everything as usual; she's a girl on the go!

Makenna had her second try at cake after the party and still wasn't much of a fan. Then again, it was her first taste of real sugar and I bet my homemade buttercream frosting was a bit too sweet for her tiny taste buds.

She opened gifts from us, got to play with some of her new toys in the bath, and then we snuggled in our pajamas. It was a sweet, cozy, and perfect way to celebrate her birthday after the bash we had last Saturday.

Snuggles on a frigid February night, the very thing we were doing exactly one year ago. It's been quite a journey since then--the most amazing, wondrous, love-filled journey of all.

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