February 10, 2014

The Final Weeks before Makenna

We had the most wonderful birthday celebration for Makenna this weekend. The birthday party post will be forthcoming, but here is a sneak peak:

{all party photos courtesy of our generous, dear friend Jay Bryde, retired professional photographer. She is fabulous!}

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm taking a look back at what our life was like one year ago from now. As I've spent these last many weeks completing project after project, shopping, making party decor, and staying up late to get things done, I was reminded of how scurried I was at this same time last year, not only having just moved into our first home, but expecting the arrival of our baby girl at any moment.

On January 11, 2013, at 35 weeks pregnant, Matt and I closed on our first home. The keys were dropped into our hands and we were racing the clock to get moved in and set up before baby girl's arrival. It wasn't even until recently that I realized our closing date was exactly one month prior to Makenna's birthday on February 11th.

The weeks prior had been massively busy as well. I had been working two jobs up until Christmas. We had traveled to Matt's parents home for Christmas and my family's home in Ohio for New Year's. Then I had my two baby showers the first weekend in January, both of which were out of town, and then returned home to pack up the apartment. That Friday was our closing day.

Once we closed on our little place, we immediately started hauling loads back and forth from our apartment to the house, which was about a 30 minutes drive apart from one another. But we could only move things into the basement at that point because we had a couple of big renovations to complete before our big moving day {see this post}: re-finishing the hardwood floors and re-carpeting the upstairs level.

We hired a moving crew because we lived on the second floor of our apartment complex and our new house had three levels with some very narrow staircases. So, 10 days after closing and when I was 36 weeks pregnant, we were actually moved into our new home. What we didn't know is that exactly three weeks later from that day, we would welcome our Makenna Rose.

I had SO MUCH to do, and I was counting on our little lady arriving AFTER her due date. My to-do lists were endless. Looking back even now, I can't believe all we accomplished after we moved in:
-the entire house thoroughly cleaned {thanks to my mom!!}
-unpacking the entire first floor and the master bedroom upstairs
-walk-in closet and nursery painted
-ordering the rest of the nursery furniture and putting it all together
-prepping the nursery and washing baby clothes, etc.
-shopping for and purchasing a new area rug, loveseat, and couch for our living room
-writing all my thank you notes for the baby showers
-purchasing the rest of the baby items we needed
{and I must once again thank our family that were absolutely crucial in us accomplishing all of this; we never could have done it without them!}

These were just the major things, and didn't include all the endless little things that were completed. All this on top of my weekly OB appointments as well as nannying one day per week and I'm telling you that I rested very, very little. I remember laying down for bed those last weeks, my feet absolutely throbbing from standing on them all day. Though not swollen, I would still wake up in the night to extremely achy feet. Thankfully that was really about my worst pregnancy symptom in the final weeks.

That brings us up to when I was 39 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I was praying and hoping our baby girl would stay in past her due date {and possibly I'm the only mom ever to wish that at 39 weeks pregnant?} and I still had so many things I needed to accomplish that week. But, I could tell something was possibly starting to happen...

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