April 4, 2014

The Nursery

As soon as Matt and I learned we were having a girl, I knew exactly the color scheme I wanted to use for the nursery. I have always adored grey and pink--it was practically a no-brainer for me!

We chose grey walls with white furniture and lots of pink accents. This way, in the future if we'd like to switch the pink for another accent color, it will be fairly easy to do.

And now, welcome to Makenna's nursery...

My sister Erin found the adorable "big deal" decorative photo which I love so much!

I had found the mirror hanging above Makenna's changing table at Ikea years ago. The basket on her changing table and the baskets on her bookshelf were a steal at HomeGoods.

Below is what the bookshelf looks like after I straighten it up. As you can imagine, on nearly a daily basis, Makenna pulls off most of her books and toys. But that's what they're there for! {I just have to put it back at the end of the day--me with my OCD tendencies!}

The decor I'm most proud of is below. I came up with this original idea {and I say "original" only because we are in the age of Pinterest and "borrowing" ideas} whilst wandering around and around Michael's craft store when I was about 38 weeks pregnant. I found these adorable wooden cut outs which I painted white and affixed to canvases that I had spray-painted pink. I already knew exactly which Bible verse I wanted hanging above our baby girl's head.

The little pink toy chest was also a steal at HomeGoods. Makenna loves playing with all of her stuffed animals. They get lots of snuggles and kisses from her, which melts my heart!

It will be fun to see how Makenna would like to decorate her room when she's older, but for now I am throuroghly enjoying making her space girly and fun. The fact that she loves to go in there on her own to play and look at books makes my heart very happy.

If we have another girl, I'll probably not use pink in the other nursery as one of the colors. We have plenty of pink going on in our lives already!

{But I will tell you that Matt and I would love to have a boy--it's no secret!}

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