April 17, 2014

Delightful Things

My spirits are soaring now that spring has arrived. Just about everything in life seems more cheerful.

Here are some things that are making life all the sweeter:

A bright, new dress for Easter Sunday:

It's been seemingly forever since I've had the right timing to earn a Clinique bonus time gift:

A lovely gifted mug with a picture of my hometown of Saint Joseph:

Using my floral journal to plan for this year's vegetable and herb garden:

In the same journal, reviewing last year's notes on my gardening successes and failures {and promising myself that this year, I will finally get a healthy crop of cilantro}:

Suddenly realizing my chives from previous years have sprouted already:

Practically devouring this fascinating read on the different parenting techniques the French use {and in France, I always noticed how well-behaved all children seemed to be}:

Feeding my inner child with a bit of Easter egg coloring:

And now we are anticipating many more delights this Easter weekend as we celebrate our risen Savior!

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