May 8, 2014


I believe I am not alone when I say that this past everlasting winter was quite depressing for me. Though winter isn't necessarily my favorite of all the seasons, there is much I look forward to upon it's arrival each year--the nip in the air, the snow crunching beneath my boots, sparkling snowfalls, the world blanketed beneath the stillness of a silvery white snow, and most of all, I look forward to winter bringing Christmas.

But then, finally--finally! April brought spring weather, even with the random snow shower in middle of the month. I felt so alive again in every sense of the word. The sun warmed my soul as Makenna and I spent many afternoons exploring the outdoors together.

But then, we had a trip to Indiana. And upon our return at the end of the month, Makenna and I both became very sick. This sickness has only just ended. Yes, for a miserable near two weeks, we have been a sad pair, indeed.

These past many days have been tremendously trying and depressing. But now we are both finally on the mend! I feel as if my soul has reawakened for a second time this spring and my spirits are soaring. I'm excited each morning now as I wake up regaining more and more of my strength and energy.

There are so many many adventures to be had this spring and summer. We are ready--bring them on!

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