June 16, 2014

In the Garden

I simply adore gardens. I love the scent of flowers in bloom but really more than anything, I love seeing lush, green foliage all around. I have always fantasized about creating my own luscious garden, complete with paths, paving stones, and stone benches. It would be my own little secret garden--a place to escape, reflect, dream, and take in the beauty of the moment.

Perhaps this will be possible in a future home. For now, we live in a tiny home with a tiny yard, and as I'm a novice gardener, I'm perfectly fine with that. We are working little by little at making our backyard a place of relaxation and beauty, while also learning the investment of time and money it takes to maintain a well-kept, pretty yard.

I planted some of my own flowers this year {it wasn't in the budget last year}. But I was delighted to discover last spring that there was already beauty existing in our yard. Up sprung two large bushes full of peonies, and I was in love! I only wish these beauties stayed longer than a few weeks. It seems that the loveliest of spring blooms are here and gone in such a short time.

Thankfully the bits of bright flowers I added this year will keep things feeling cheerful all summer long.

More about gardening adventures to come later, as I share about my herbs and vegetables...
{Like the fact that the bunnies already ate all of my pole beans plants! Sigh}

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