April 14, 2015

Delightful Things

There have been so many delightful things in life as of late, it's been hard to count them all. Nonetheless, here are just a few:

A pretty heading on the quarterly issue of MOPS magazine:

Some lovely springtime flowers to make the kitchen much more cheerful:

Baking strawberry cupcakes to bring as a snack to our small group:

A wonderful Easter day with our darling girl, and a dress I'm head-over-heels for:

Thoroughly enjoying perusing the pages of this charming book. I'm itching to try many of the recipes and I must admit it's making me giddy at the thought of once again indulging in cream teas and clotted cream with scones when we're on our upcoming Scotland adventure:

And finally, three cheers for the return of warmer weather! I'm ecstatic to be able to play outdoors with Makenna once again.

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