March 25, 2015


Some of my most treasured possessions are items that have been passed down to me from previous family generations. Here is a collection of lovelies I've inherited from my maternal side:

A painting done by my Great Aunt Pinky. It hung in the guestroom of my grandparents' home for years and I grew up admiring it deeply. It now proudly hangs in our own guestroom.

A teacup and saucer my Gramma passed down to me years ago. I use it for special tea times and it makes me feel very fancy.

Not as much an heirloom, but here is a postcard I recently came across that my Grandparents sent me from Kenya back in 1994. They were quite the world travelers. My Gramma's opening sentence, "Dear Deanne, The way you like jewelry, you would really get to wear a lot of it here! The ladies make all their own jewelry and it is very pretty."

The locket my Gramma passed on to me many years ago. Inside are two black and white photos: one of my gramma at age four, and one of my mom at age four. Besides my wedding ring, I think it is the piece of jewelry I treasure the most. I wear it often.

I never had the privilege to meet my Great Grandma Proffitt. She died of cancer when my Gramma was only fourteen. I have one of her porcelain gravy boats and an old handbag of hers. I love them both!

I inherited this beautiful rose-colored glass bowl from my Gramma. It was one of her favorite decor items, and my mom said it often sat on their dining room table, filled with floating flowers.

Two gorgeous ivory pins that belonged to my Gramma--some of the many items she collected during her world travels.

I share a few more sentiments about a few of these items in a recent post, A Letter to Gramma.

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