March 12, 2015

An Epic Trip

I have some very exciting news to share!

In exactly two months from this very moment, Matt and I will be here:


That's right--SCOTLAND!

Matt and I have no words to express just how excited we are. This is truly a dream-come-true trip for us, at the very top of our list of desired places to visit in the world.

We'll be beginning our trip with a two-day stay in Dublin, Ireland, to see that wonderful city. I have visited western Ireland before but not Dublin, and Matt has yet to see any of Ireland.

Then it's off to Edinburgh, Scotland for two days. From there, we're renting a car and will spend five days exploring the beauty of Scotland, including traveling far up north into the Highlands.

It goes without saying that this trip would not be possible without both of our amazing families. It is because of their generous flexibility and aide to care for Makenna while we're gone that has made this dream trip a reality for us. Saying thank you seems so incredibly inadequate!

You can best believe that I will have an obnoxious amount of photos to share upon our return, which will be exacerbated by the fact that we'll be bringing a new camera along with us.

I haven't been back to anywhere in Europe since March 2011, when I returned from my long-term stay in Hungary. I had been to Europe every two to three years or so between ages 19 and 27, so to say I've been itching to travel overseas is a huge understatement. And to have the opportunity to explore Scotland over a week's time is truly as much as I could have ever hoped for.

Let the countdown begin to our wee adventure in bonnie Scotland!

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