December 12, 2015

Gender Announcement

We were so anxious to learn the gender of our little one on the way. Baby was really squirmy throughout the ultrasound, so the technician had a hard time being able to see the gender. Luckily, success!

We are thrilled to announce that:

I wasn't feeling a strong intuition from the get-go with this pregnancy like I did with Makenna, when I felt nearly certain she was a girl. My first initial thought was "boy," but at times I really also felt it was a girl. It wasn't until around sixteen weeks when I started feeling our baby move daily, and then steadily grow stronger and more active with each passing day, that I started to feel certain. Matt was even able to feel our baby kick at just under twenty weeks, so by that point I was truly expecting the gender to be "boy!"

We haven't settled on a name just yet, but once we do, we'll keep it a secret until he's born. And if you can believe it, I have just turned twenty four weeks along, so it's only a few more months until we get to meet our little guy!

We had fun sharing the gender news with my family over FaceTime and sharing the news in-person with Matt's family over Thanksgiving. I baked cupcakes with a gender-specific filling, so it was a funny and very messy moment for everyone to find out!

Praise the Lord, we learned our baby boy's anatomy looks "perfect" according to the recent ultrasound. They did, however, discover that I have a low placenta. The doctor fully expects for the placenta to move as my uterus grows, as is normally the case in this scenario. But until it does move, they will watch my placenta via ultrasound at my next appointments. {Therefore, bonus peeks at our little man!} I am really hoping and praying to be able to do a vaginal delivery with our son, so I would greatly appreciate your prayers that my placenta will move soon and no longer be of any concern. Thank you!

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