March 27, 2016

39 Weeks

Happy Easter! Today I am 39 weeks pregnant with our second baby, our son.

Taken at 38.5 weeks

I really can hardly believe that we're at the end and ready to meet this little man already, although I must admit it feels like these last few weeks are creeping by slowly.

I feel quite badly that I haven't been sharing about this pregnancy regularly on this blog the way I did with Makenna. So the following is my attempt to play a bit of catch-up...

Second pregnancy remarks:
-As with Makenna, my scoliosis has provided me with a lot of pain during my second and third trimesters. However, I would say the pain has been even more severe this go around.
-I haven't struggled with acne this pregnancy the way I did with Makenna, which would be accurate with the old wives' tales concerning genders!
-I haven't struggled too much with heartburn the way many women do. I have had a bit of trouble with acid reflux at night when I sleep, but thankfully it hasn't been terrible, nor has it been a nightly occurance. 
-I've enjoyed having the luxury of time to decorate our little guy's nursery, as opposed to the scramble to prepare Makenna's in the three weeks we had between moving into our first home and her birth date. {I'll be excited to share photos here soon!}
-I've had the fun of sharing this pregnancy with another sister! Last time it was my sister Erin and sister-in-law Jennie, and this time it's my sister-in-law, Hunter. Hunter and I are only 5 weeks apart!
- As I have always heard to be the case with second pregnancies, I have been overall much more physically uncomfortable with this pregnancy. My hips and ribs are hurting so much in these last weeks, in a way I never felt with Makenna!
-Matt and I have struggled to pin down a name for our son. We believe we are decided, but have a few back-up choices on hand for when he's born in case we feel the name we're planning on doesn't fit him.
-Beginning when I started my third trimester, I started experiencing lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. In fact, on one occasion several weeks ago {when I was 34 weeks}, they had become regular enough that they landed me in the hospital overnight. I was having contractions every 3-5 minutes for several hours. Although it wasn't considered actual labor because I wasn't dilating, they didn't want to send me home with such regular contractions, even if they were painless.
-Even with a pre-term delivery scare, I have made it to full term at 39 weeks! I'm currently dilated between 2-3 cm, although there's certainly no telling when baby will make his ultimate debut. 
-These last several weeks, I have been going crazy with nesting. I didn't have this luxury with Makenna since we had only just moved into our home, and weren't even fully unpacked by the time she arrived. This time, I have been tackling projects big and small, and cleaning and organizing every nook and cranny in our home. I'm afraid my OCD-tendencies are running a bit rampant, especially because I am currently unmedicated for my anxiety disorder.
-Mostly, I am aware that being a mother of two will be a whole different ball game than being a mother of one. I am completing my to-do list as best I can so that I can focus on our new baby boy with as little distractions as possible. I am keenly aware how fast time flies with babies, but most especially the newborn stage, and I am eager to soak up every moment I can. 
-I am experiencing the common mother emotion of a bit of mourning--mourning the time of just "Makenna and me" coming to an end. I have just delighted in having these past three years to make memories with my daughter and bond with her, just the two of us. I feel a bit as though it's the end of an era! I've been taking as much time as I can to do extra special things with her, and I will always treasure these mommy-daughter dates.

We feel so excited and ready to meet our son! It's an exciting time to know he could join us any day. I'm trying to find the balance between getting things done, resting, and spending great quality time with Matt and Makenna. However, we are all very ready to become a family of four! Makenna is so very excited and will be such a great big sister. I can't wait to see her take on this new role!

We feel very blessed this Easter Sunday to celebrate our Risen Savior. He has watched over this family so very well and provided us with the wonderful gift of a healthy and normal pregnancy. It's so wonderful to think about what next year's family Easter photo will look like!

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