July 31, 2011

In the Country

Last week, Matt and I spent the night at his parents' home in Michigan after our Shipshewana Getaway.

I love going to their home--first and foremost, because I so thoroughly enjoy my time with all of Matt's family. But I also really love their charming home in the country.

They live in the middle of miles and miles of beautiful farmland. The setting is so picturesque, especially in the summertime. Thus, I couldn't resist snapping some photos of this gorgeous landscape.

The back porch

Their property is enclosed by row upon endless row of tall, lovely, and very green corn stalks.

Lots of lush trees provide their property with ample shade.

The neighbor's cows

The country charm is everywhere you look...

I utterly adore this enormous old tree.

The view from the front porch

Annabelle begs to join me outside--she loves being in the country!

They even have an adorable little garden gnome!

The front porch faces west, which provides the perfect view of the gorgeous setting sun.

It's so quiet and peaceful in the country. Here, life seems much more pure and simple. It's the most wonderful little place to get away from the rest of the world and spend time with our dearest loved ones, making more warm and happy memories to pile upon the ones we already treasure...

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