September 16, 2011

Antique Mega Mall

Last weekend, Matt and I were in Lansing, Michigan, the city where we resided from 2007-2010. Matt had his monthly drill weekend for the Army National Guard, so while he was busy during the day on Saturday, I went about to some of my favorite old haunts in Lansing.

One of my stops was at the Antique Mega Mall, located about one mile from the apartment complex where we used to live. I used to love going there, even though I didn't usually buy much.

I was drooling over a few items:

I have mentioned before my love of antique books. I really debated about buying the book about Hungary {seen above left}, but the spine was in such poor shape that I decided not to. {Slightly regretting that choice...the book dated from the 1850's...}

This gorgeous table was $200+. Ah well, one day...

It really bothered me that the employee, whomever he/she was, misspelled and wrote "Wedgewood" on the tag. Especially when the back of the plates clearly say Wedgwood. Again , the perfectionist in me.

Like most antique shops in the US, treasures must be found hidden amongst a ton of JUNK. It's really pretty humorous to me that many items found in US antique stores are somehow considered "antiques."

One will find anything from the odd...

to the just plain scary.

Antique shops in Europe are a whole different story, however. I gawk at the items and lust over practically everything. So, having gone into numerous antique shops in Europe, I have whole new eyes for seeing the very interesting items considered as "antiques" in America.

That's not at all to say, however, that there are no wonderful antique shops in the US; there most certainly are. Matt and I came across one such wonderful shop tucked away in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In fact, I imagine there are thousands of really quality antique shops across our great nation--it's just that I haven't had the good fortune of coming across too many of them.

On another note, have you ever been in a consignment or antique shop, and come across an item that was previously yours?

Well, that's exactly what happened to me in the Antique Mega Mall.

Waaay in the back, I came across this old, familiar item:

I am about 95% positive this belonged to me, and here's why: Across the street from our old apartment complex was a Goodwill store, where I frequently made donations. This above Halloween decoration was passed down to me from my mom {she had used it to decorate when we were little}, and after several years of not using it, I donated it to that Goodwill across the street. Let me reiterate that this Goodwill store, like our old apartment complex, is located only a mile from the Mega Mall.

So, I am sure because of the proximity of the two places, this little guy was purchased at the Goodwill and brought down the road to be sold by an individual vendor at the Antique Mega Mall.

Plus, the handle with leaves catches and sticks the same way I remembered that it used to.

I saw it. I felt sentimental. I kind-of wanted to buy it back.

I've actually always feared coming across something I had given away at Goodwill. This fear was so strong that I stopped going to the Goodwill across the street from us because I was certain I'd find something that had been mine; I donated there so often. And I knew that the stupid sentimental part of me would probably want to buy that item back, however strange and irrational it seems. I love shopping at Goodwill, and I was so mad at myself for making the one across the street from us a "trap."

So imagine my surprise when I found the pumpkin decoration from my childhood in the Mega Mall. I never expected my Goodwill donations to end up there! I then proceeded to have an internal battle over what to do about said item:

"Oh my gosh. This is it! The one mom passed down to me! I gave this to the Goodwill down the road! Hmm...I kind of want it back. Should I buy it? Wait. They're selling it for six dollars. SIX dollars? No way. Maybe if they were selling it for two or three. But then, even if I did buy it back, would I use it? Actually set it out as a decoration? Honestly, no. Ok then, not going to buy it. Oh, I have my camera with me...I'll just take a picture of it, and that'll be good enough."

In the end, I left the Antique Mega Mall with one purchase last Saturday: this lovely Fiestaware cup and saucer.

I was introduced to Fiestaware by Martha Stewart, on her old half-hour TV programs. I was a young teen at the time, and I clearly remember her explaining the history of the product and how to identify true Fiestaware. Since then, I've always wanted to own some, and not necessarily a whole set.

Excellent. One more thing checked off my "List of Things to Do Before I Die." {never have cared for the term "Bucket List"}

And one more excuse to drink more tea and coffee!

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Renee Moss said...

$6...are you kidding??!! Oh what treasures we lightly toss aside! : )


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