September 26, 2011

Welcome, Autumn

I am extremely excited that the official season of Fall is now here, and I thought I'd share with you a few photos of little ways I have decorated to welcome Fall into our home.

Our apartment door

This is a music box from my childhood. It's a little silly, but I can't resist putting it out each year. It plays the tune of "Fly Me to the Moon." I have memories as a little girl of winding it up and just watching it go round and round until the tune finished.

From our patio, we can see a little tree where the leaves are just starting to turn...

My very favorite scented candles to burn are the spicy Fall scents. I am nearly constantly burning these gorgeous scents all through September, October, and November. I love the Yankee candle scent of 'Spiced Pumpkin,' but my mom turned me on to Yankee's scent which is now my ultimate favorite--'Harvest.'

Soon October will be here and I need to find a nearby family orchard where Matt and I can go pick our own apples and pumpkins. I love carving pumpkins, even if Matt doesn't really participate. He does like it when I make roasted pumpkins seeds to snack on!

On my fall agenda:
~Make homemade caramel apples
~Enjoy hot cider
~Take a hay ride
~Decorate some dish towels with cross-stitched pumpkins
~Take Annabelle on lots of walks to enjoy the crisp weather and to get her plenty of exercise before winter comes!

What are some ways you enjoy Fall?

1 comment:

Meg said...

This post makes me feel so cozy. Fall is my favorite time of year! I love hot cider, pumpkin carving, and Halloween festivities. :)


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