October 30, 2011

A Spooktacular Weekend

Yesterday afternoon began with a road trip to Grand Rapids, MI, to visit our friends Nick and Jaela.

Annabelle was in tow, decked out in her Halloween scarf.

All of us were going to attend a Halloween Party at our friend, Ralene's home. I made these cookies {plus more} for the gathering:

The party was a blast! Costumes were required...

I've secretly always wanted raven black hair. An excuse to pull out the black wig is a joy!

We laughed. We made tacos. We played games. We snacked on things salty and sweet. We had a dance party. We laughed even more. We exhausted ourselves!

 After sleeping in at Nick and Jaela's and eating a deliciously late breakfast of homemade waffles, eggs, and maple sausage, we ventured out to a nearby farm.

Our purpose was this: a corn maze! This photo shows an aerial view of the maze when it was first constructed and the corn stalks were green.

Many other families were out for an adventure in the corn maze, as well. It was amusing that at the maze entrance, a worker from the farm takes down the name and number in every group. Then each group must "check out" with the same worker when they've completed the maze, so the group can be crossed off the list. This is to keep track and ensure that no person or persons venture in the maze and truly get lost, never coming out.

The fun is about to begin!

We did it---maze successfully completed!

Always hug a ghost for good measure.

We ended our excursion with cider and donuts in the barn. Although it was a very chilly, blustery day, and drinking hot apple cider seemed to make the most sense, I couldn't resist trying out the cider slushee.

And besides having the standard cinnamon-sugar donuts, there were caramel apple and pumpkin spice donuts, too!

They were scrumptious.

Our weekend ended perfectly with a very delicious dinner at a restaurant with our friends. It was styled as an English tavern, but the menu was traditional English with an equal mix of Indian dishes. The food was incredibly good, and the conversation, even better.

A very merry weekend indeed, including the best of Halloween and Fall Harvest celebrations. After the two and a half hour drive home, we are left feeling delightfully sleepy from a fun-filled weekend, however our happiness is sprinkled with sadness that Nick and Jaela don't live nearer.

Hope you all had spooktacular weekends, too!

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elissa said...

Raven black because of Anne of Green Gables, by chance?? :)


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