December 22, 2011

A Green Christmas

I'm sitting here, sipping my peppermint creme coffee, and I'm a little bit sad.

I'll show you why:

As you can see, no snow.

Not only is there no snow now, but there has been practically no snow in the past many weeks. We've had just two or three light snowfalls, but nothing that left any snow on the ground. I think other areas of Michigan have had some accumulation, but not here in far southeastern Michigan.

I mean, seriously, what's the good of living in Michigan if you can't get any snow pre-Christmas?!? Come on!!!

And the weather forecast shows no snow coming for Christmas, either. Humph.

I've had many Christmases in Michigan where there's been no snow on Christmas Day, but we'd at least had snow at some point in December. I'm so longing for a pretty blanket of glittering, white snow to help enhance the season.

Now, just watch...we'll get boatloads of snow in January and the months after....when I don't want it.

On a happier note {sorry for the rant}, Christmas is just around the corner, and I'm giddy with excitement!

We've been watching so many Christmas movies, curled up under blankets with our mugs of hot chocolate:

The mug from my very first visit to the Christkindlmarket in Chicago, back in high school
with my German class-- the first of many visits to this enchanting traditional German
outdoor Christmas market.

I have a few obscure favorite Christmas movies--ones we recorded off the TV back in the late eighties. I still pull out those VHS tapes every year, and it's so funny to watch the old commercials from way back when!

A few of my more traditional and not so traditional movie favorites at Christmas are:
1. White Christmas
2. The Muppet Christmas Carol
3. The Nativity Story {which I mentioned here}
4. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer {possibly my ultimate favorite}
5. Mickey's Christmas Carol
6. Small One {very old Disney short about a lovable, old donkey who is eventually sold to Joseph}
7. Claymation Christmas
8. Elf
9. Twas the Night Before Christmas {old eighties cartoon}

What are some of your Christmas movie favorites?

Tomorrow is the big Baking Day! This girl loves to bake, especially cookies.

1 comment:

Jason and Erin said...

I love your vintage Christkindlmarket mug! We have our five Christkindlmarket mugs (of course my first one with you and Matt) and can't wait to continue adding more!


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